iPhone 6S and 6S Plus now available in Lazada

    Christmas came a little bit too early this year!

    Just after a few weeks after the official launch of Apple’s new line of iPhones – the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Lazada is now offering these new iPhones for purchase in their website.

    The Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are now available online thru Lazada, surprisingly early than the local release that normally comes in late November or early December.

    Here are the updated price as of September 28, 2015:

    iPhone 6S:


    16GB – Space Grey or Silver: Php 39,995.00

    16GB – Gold: Php 41,995.00

    16 GB – Rose Gold: Php 43,995

    64GB – Space Gray: Php 44,995.00

    64GB – Gold: Php 46,995.00

    64GB – Rose Gold: Php 48,995.00

    128GB – Space Gray or Silver: Php 49,995.00

    128GB – Gold: Php 50,995.00

    128GB – Rose Gold: Php 52,995.00

    iPhone 6S Plus:


    64GB – Gold: Php 57,995.00

    64GB – Rose Gold: Php 70,995.00

    128GB – Gold: Php 64,995.00

    128GB – Rose Gold: Php 76,995.00

    You can purchase the iPhone 6S here and the iPhone 6S Plus here.

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