Again, the Chinese social media is going on a rampage as photos showing a supposed pink iPhone 6s is popping out everywhere – and mind you, the response this pictures are getting are very positive.

Hundreds of thousands of people have shared the pictures, this rumor was dated back last March and now we’re getting live pictures of it.

Check out the photos below:

iphone-pink iphone-pink-4 iphone-pink-3 iphone-pink-2

Having a pink iPhone as very possible and Apple has already done this before with the iPhone 5c offering a pink color as one of its available colors. However, this shade of pink is more different than the past shade of pink in the previous iPhone – it is more similar to the rose gold that Apple introduced in their  Apple Watch.

And if these leaked images are fake, judging from it’s initial popularity, Apple might as well make these dreams come true in the near future. Would you rather buy a pink iPhone 6s or stay loyal to their original colors? Let us know in the comments section below.