Let’s Hope this is the Next Microsoft Surface Laptop

    Microsoft is going to release some new products tomorrow at their annual event in New York and we’re not yet sure if we’re going to see the next iteration of the Surface laptop. But if in case it does, we do hope that this WalkingCat leak is spot on as they’ve just released some pictures and a bit of specifications for a really eye-catching laptop.

    Rumors include that it will feature a 13.5-inch PixelSense display that’s capable of outputting 3.4 million pixels, an Alcantara-covered keyboard that’s found on the 2015 Surface Pro 4, and it will run on the latest Windows 10S — a lighter version of the OS that will compete with the ChromeOS of Google. Check out WalkingCat’s tweet:

    Rumors also suggest that it will weigh around 2.7 lbs, and measures 14.47mm at its thickest point (a hair thinner than the latest MacBook Pro from Apple.)


    We think that the success of this laptop will be based on the price tag that it comes with. Just like the ChromeOS, it took a lot of turnaround time before people began to appreciate it, maybe because of the mindset that it took away some features? But knowing Microsoft, their lighter version of the OS will mean that it will still get the important feature while hiding the complicated ones.We think it’s best for the average customer and not the die-hard enthusiasts.

    Good news is, we don’t need to wait long enough to confirm these rumors. The event starts in a few hours so stay tuned for more details.

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