Revealing hidden secrets with the Huawei P20 Pro

    If you’re into a bar worth taking a photo, you’ll make sure to take photos of your best moments and even appreciate its interiors. One discovery we found is RM-16 bar behind Titto’s Latin and Brew in Kapitolyo Pasig.


    Using only a smartphone, we took a tour of this 1-year-old establishment, but still a surprise to anyone who hasn’t here before. Check out the photos we got in our visit.

    Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew Restaurant

    This Mexican themed restaurant is a feast to take Instagram worthy photos. From its wood and metal tables to mural paintings at the walls the represent Latin style.


    Tittos serves dishes like tacos, nachos, fried, burritos, wings, salpicao, paella, chicharron, pizza, gaucho steak, chicken and even desserts like leche flan and ube churros.  In our visit, we had roasted chicken with rice and a bit of coleslaw. Taste are very rich and we really suggest you try out the Latin style food.



    The ambiance is simply admirable in Tittos, you can even have some alcohol like beer, wine while in the dining area. Then when you’re done eating, you can proceed at the back entrance to check out RM-16.


    Going at the back is a secret worth discovering, named as RM-16 the bar is behind a giant Coca-Cola vending door with a door passcode.


    Greeting you inside is a brick and industrial style bar that’s mesmerizing. It can comfortably fit 60 people while it can get a lot inside with mentions of even reaching more than a hundred when there are events.

    Leather couches and bar stools are the way for seats, the walls are sound treated and illuminated just right for a bar. To be honest, the place is actually dark with the side panel lighting and traditional LED looking bulbs as main lightning.


    Using the Master AI mode to detect the scene, we were able to take these wonderful shots of RM-16 is not much trouble. Taking photos of the bar area was rather pleasant using the P20 Pro, even in Auto it was able to take good lighting and still recognize texts and even bottles.


    What’s good about RM-16 is its atmosphere of being just right for a bar / club. They have themed nights every weekdays like Wednesday, Thursdays and even weekends at Friday and Saturdays.

    To know more their schedules and activities, you can check out their group here.


    You can order from cocktails, beer both local and foreign as well. Not to mention their big range of hard liquors that are average in pricing for an upbeat bar. We suggest you go here on a Friday night to experience fully.


    RM-16 and Tittos are located in Kapitolyo Pasig, they also provide valet parking to conveniently go with a vehicle. It starts to get full around 11pm onwards, so make sure to have dinner at Tittos first before going to RM-16.


    The best part for this is we didn’t even use any single flash to capture all photos. The P20 Pro’s night mode and auto mode with Master AI was able to detect most scenarios for worthy photos.

    To know more about the Huawei P20 Pro, check out our full review and even our ridiculous Zoom samples.

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