10 Lazada Super Brands Sale Items to Watch Out For

Lazada Super Brands

Lazada will host Super Brands Sale this coming July 5 to 11, 2016. Different brand retailers available in Lazada will give up to 80% discount.

Apart from the Super Brands Sale, Lazada would also like to highlight their Free shipping within Metro Manila. So here are 10 items that we think worth a second look.

  1. Motorola Moto X – Oldie but goodie, the Moto X packs a 5.2 inch HD screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and AMOLED touchscreen. A 13MP camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal Storage, the Moto X is originally priced at Php16,999 but will be priced at Php6,999. Check it out here.
  2. Nokia Lumia 830 – If you ain’t an Android fan, the Nokia Lumia 830 might tickle your fancy. Under its hood features a 16GB internal storage with 1GB of RAM, Quadcore 1.2GHz, with 5.0 inches screen, 10MP rear camera and 2200mAh battery. Originally priced at Php20,490, expect the Lumia 830 to drop to Php 5499 by July 5. Check it out here.
  3. Matrix MX-YX601 Raclette Griller – Living on a small spaced condo? Roadtripping with friends? Love grilling? Then you’ll love the Matrix MX-YX601 Raclettte Griller. Priced at Php1,699, the Raclette Griller pricing should go down to Php999. This electric griller is available here.
  4. Indoplas Mini Nebulizer with free Mouthpiece – Every good household owns one nebulizer for that pesky asthma. Originally priced at a sub 2,000 peso mark, the Japanese engineered Indoplas Mini Nebulizer will be priced at greatly discounted price of Php799! A definite steal for every household and comes with 1 year guarantee. Check the full details here.
  5. DotA 2 Collectibles – DotA fans, Tidehunter, Lina, Rylai, Akasha, Pudge, Kunkka, and Faceless Void etc. all available! Priced at Php1,200, DotA 2 collectibles will be discounted to Php 499 by July 5 here.
  6. Echolac 20/55 and 24/61 PC066 Trolley Bundle – Made from 100% Virgin Polycarbonate, texture finish anti-scratch built, with built-in TSA lock, the Ecolac Trolley bundle is priced at Php15,500 originally but will be marked down to Php6975 by July 5. Get 2 for the price of one here.
  7. JBL T300A On-Ear-Headphone – It’s hard to get a value-base, good, reliable on ear headphones for commuters, and something to use at home. Priced at Php3,299, JBL’s T300A is expected to get a sale price of Php799. Check out the full product information here.
  8. Strontium Micro SD Class 10 16GB – Priced at Php599, you can never have too much SD cards for your mobile phone or action camera and this comes with an adapter so come July 5 when price drops to Php249, make sure to pick one up here.
  9. Tinker Motors 125cc TM125 4 Stroke All Terrain Vehicle – Packing a 125cc engine, 4 stroke with reverse, this Tinker Motors ATV is a gift from heaven. If you have a loving boyfriend or husband whom you love very much – then show it by gifting him this beast of a vehicle. Original price at Php66,900, this ATV will be marked down to Php45,590 here on July 5.
  10. iSafe iSF-10 Safe Electronic Digital Hotel Safety Vault – You can never be any safer, the iSafe Electronic Digital Vault is best for home, office and hotel and is made of steel. Size is 23x17x17.5cm and is originally priced at Php2,899 but will be sold at Php1,199 by July 5 to 11 here.

If you have any great stuff found on Lazada this July 5 to 11 do list it down below on the comment section!

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