3 things we love and hate about the new Galaxy Note7

    The Galaxy Note7 is now official! The phone delivers the best technology from Samsung for this 2016. Now with the phone soon to be available here are our top 3 reasons to love and hate the phone.

    What to love

    1. Consolidated Note function + 64GB Storage – No more confusing apps for taking notes, everything is now in the Samsung App with functions to even draw like using a paint brush. Colors can now mix, more pressure sensitive and now having an eraser button for easy note usage! All these can fit with the double sized 64GB as default.


    Level of Sensitivity S Pen2. Waterproof Sexy Body with bigger battery – Overall the Note7 is thinner and smaller than the previous generation. But all these with IP68 waterproofing and bigger battery of now 3,500mAh for more life of doing anything.

    Note 7 Bottom Note 7 Top Note 7 Front Side Comparison 20160802_175223

    3. Camera worth everything – The camera found at the Galaxy S7 is now in the Note 7, plus its even enhanced now with HDR video for better video capture. We and a lot others admit it, until now the S7 gives one of the best camera experience on a smartphone.

    Note7 Back

    What to hate

    1. USB Type-C will be rare in the PH – Yes as much as we want to keep track with the latest, the Philippines isn’t yet prepared for USB type C to be available in the market. Even 3rd party re-sellers are hard to find for the cable, sometimes even costing to around Php1,200 just for one cable.
    2. Two colors not available in the PH (as of writing) – Aside from the Platinum Gold and Black Onyx, the Note7 has two other colors which are the Blue Coral and Platinum which won’t most likely arrive the Philippines. We think the Blue Coral is a good color worth having as its a fresh color for a phone, hopefully Samsung PH can consider this color option.

      Photo by Android Central
      Photo by Android Central
    3. USB Type-C Adaptor – While the USB TypeC to Micro USB adapter is free with the Note7, this will be a transition for everyone to endure. Hopefully, you can extend the extra patience in bringing an adapter for some functions we normally do.

    Aside from those grunts, we think the Note7 is still a desirable device and won’t be much a deal breaker. Only time will tell though as we have to see it become available in the market. Speaking of availability, the Note7 will be available for pre-order from August 6 to 15, 2016 with the SRP of Php39,990.

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