5 Free Apps to Kill Time While Waiting for your Date – Hungry Geeks

We guys (assuming that you are a guy reading this post), tend to wait a lot while we wait for our beautiful date to get their hair and make up done. Although we are overly excited to see them come out from their door all glamour-ly  gorgeous and you to be the envy of the whole town; we get bored inside the car or sitting on their living room waiting.

For a solution to this problem; we have here our top 5 apps you must have to enjoy the waiting.

1. Candy Crush Soda Saga – This one is a no brainer. One of the biggest puzzle game in the world, Candy Crush Soda Saga is an improved version of the first Candy Crush Saga. There are a few changes with the addition of new challenges like getting gummy bears up a candy line; eating chocoloates; and finding gummy bears behind movable candies. But keep in mind to finish all your lives before leaving as you might play this game while having dinner with your date.

2. Piano Tiles – Going to a romantic dinner? I’m sure that your companion would find it more romantic if you could play her music. Don’t have a piano? Get your phone out, and play some lovely tunes. You might get frustrated after a few tries, but at least you could say that you played piano for your significant other.

3 Clash of Clans – Male hormones are not best when you are driving to a date with all the traffic around. Why not crush some clans first to get those coins rolling, and hopefully you’ll be more relax braving  the horrible traffic that is out there.

4. Tap Titans – Tapping monsters until they die is not the most exciting thing to do. But Tap Titans is a game we recommend to keep you staying while waiting. Stages are short, and getting new heroes from the shop will keep you tapping. Plus, it’s a way to burn a few calories before hitting a night of food and wine.

5. Crossy Road – This endless arcade hopper is a wild card. You start off with chicken, and every 100 coins you may get one gift for a free character. You’ll get addicted and maybe could spark a few conversation (or a contest to see who goes farther) with your date while waiting for your scrumptious food.

Share your thoughts and if these apps helped you in anyway, or even better comment below on what gaming application you think would be best for killing time and waiting for your date.



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