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The element of poverty and machismo presented by characters of the late FPJ, and Joseph Estrada in the 70’s to the 90’s brought a lot more than the “masa” mentality. This presentation also brought in the heroic, siga man where the matipuno, modern man gets the whitest and prettiest girl around town just by having a signature move like clapping of the ears, and cutting a bullet lengthwise. In addition, if he has a crisp white polo, a good morning towel and a passenger jeep for a business, or even a low level police rank you’ll probably be the ladies’ man of whichever city or province you came from!


But from all of that, the FPJs, the Joseph Estradas, the Cesar Montanos, the Ronnie Rickets, the Monsour del Rosarios, the Jeric Ravals, Lito Lapids, Robin Padillas, Bong Revillas, and Rudy Fernandezes – we would not want to discount the barber shops that did their sleek do and well-groomed mustaches.

So here are 5 reasons why I miss trips to our old local barber shops.

  1. You only have a handful of cuts to choose from. Back then – inside a barbershop, you only had a few hair cuts you could choose from. To enumberate most of them, you got the classic Barber’s Cut, the military feel Flat Top or Crew Cut, you can get a nice Kalbo, or Semi-Kal, or a 2×2, 2×3 clean side cuts.
  2. The “Barbero” Talk. Every barbershop has their own stories to tell and history to go through. The classic barbero talk ranges from stories of their lone manicurista, to long term clients, to the the new weird neighbor in your area.
  3. The Barbero of Different Age and Character. There would be 3 to 4 maximum barbers inside a small, home grown barbershop. The first barber is the Veteran – he is the oldest of the bunch with hair cutting experience of 100 years. He’s too old, and if you are getting a haircut from him, make sure to be cautious; because of his age his hands tend to shake and might give you the a bad cut. The Veteran’s speciality is giving you the Kalbo, or the Semi-Kal, he can’t cut any style with his age anyway. The second type or barber is the Preso. This dude is probably the scariest of the bunch. Aged around 25 to 35 years old, the Preso has been through alot. He has a lot of tatoos on his arms and face. Most of his stories are circled around his tropa living in Tondo, Manila, drug jokes, murder jokes, and his mates from jail. The Preso could do the best crew cut and flat top in the universe. Lastly, the third barber found in every barbershop – is the Goodboy. Everybody wants to get a haircut from him, he is very courteous, he has great information on polictical news, showbiz happenings, and your neighbor. He cuts great school-approved hair dos and classic barber cut for your dad. He is the most well-rounded barber available.
  4. The Alcohol, After Labaha Feel – That feeling of putting alcohol after a nice clean shave to your patilya from a labaha. Heaven!!! Alcohol smells good and you feel pretty fly!
  5. The Talcum Powder – The freshest smell ever! Once this signature powder hits your skin with a brush – you won’t even need to take a bath!

Of course, being a young entrepreneur – earning a few extra bucks for pampering – we leave our local barber shop and try to spend a few more cash. Although, we miss those things above, we still want to move on and find a more contemporary approach in having the machismo that girls nowadays admire. That is why for those who has testosterone levels which does not permit being seen inside parlors, you may go out and check out Bruno’s Barber Shop. With 40 branches and expanding, I don’t think you wouldn’t find a Bruno’s in your neighborhood.

Host Vince Velasco getting his hair Dandruff-Proofed

Plus, they are partnering with the #1 Men’s anti-dandruff shampoo for men, Clear. Started March 14, the modern man can get their scalps check for dandruff levels – who wants to have white flaky yucky on their shoulders – and get their hair shampooed with Clear Anti Dandruff shampoo after their hair cut.

But a clean shave or a haircut does not cut it close to the best modern man of the masa. You have to have contemporary hair cuts – along with the scalp check and the Clear shampoo, they are also pushing out 4 new sets of simple hairstyles to get girls “kilig”. Dubbed as Clear Dandruff-Proof Style by Bruno’s Barber, The Classic style for the dashing debonair, the Casual Style for the cool kid on the block, the Sporty style for relentless athlete, and the Urban Style for the trendy man on the top are four style that you could now just point-to-cut to your personal barber in selected Bruno’s outlets nationwide. It also introduced a 3-step regimen to make men dandruff-proof: (1) Wash with CLEAR shampoo (2) Take a hair CUT in Bruno’s Barbers (3) STYLE.

4 Easel stands showing the 4 styles

In the end, CLEAR ensures every man that whatever hairstyle they choose, CLEAR can keep it Dandruff-Proof.

As the country’s #1 Men’s Anti-dandruff Shampoo, CLEAR with Bruno’s Barber’s mission is to make every man’s style dandruff-proof so they have nothing to hide and be the modern action star that gets the ladies.

Plus, check out our instagram @hungrygeeksph for a chance to win 1,000Php worth of gift card from Clear and Brunos Barbers.

CLEAR Dandruff-Proof Style by Bruno’s Barbers are available in the ff. branches:

Cebu (Ayala Center)
Greenbelt 1
Glorietta 3
CDO (Centrio Mall)
Salcedo Village
Robinsons Magnolia
Alabang Town Center
Legaspi Village
Mall of Asia
Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Robinsons Galleria
Marquee Mall



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