8 kinds of Metro Manila Drivers in the eyes of a dashcam – Hungry Geeks

Meet the ASUS Reco Dash Cam, it’s been our dashcam for more than 2 weeks now. Driving through Metro Manila traffic gave us an opportunity to record some of the kinds of a metro manila driver, this is all thanks of the purpose of a dashcam which is to record your journey.

The growing chaos of Metro Manila Traffic urgently needs your support, its best to capture violators to increase awareness and technically put to shame those who are intentionally violating. With our experience with the ASUS Reco dash cam, we were able to record more than 10 incidents along the road which is enough to share and give valuable lessons to everyone.

Here is our video for 8 kinds of Metro Manila Drivers

The ASUS Reco dashcam has a 140-degree wide angle lens that is enough to capture the street’s sidewalk on both sides. It also records in Full HD 30fps with added HDR mode to record clear videos both day and night especially in high-shadow occasions.

It also has a GPS module to detect speeds and assist with the software built it for lane departure warning and anti-collision warning.

16GB micro-SD can record 2 hours of video with 10 videos can be placed into emergency recording. Sudden vibrations and anti-collision warning will put the recording into emergency mode, all emergency recordings can’t be erased until accessed by a PC.

The dashcam is fairly small and portable, though it uses a mini-usb port so make sure you don’t break the DC car adapter as you might find a hard time replacing it. Overall the ASUS Reco dash cam records superb video that is enough to see the license plate of cars, an utmost important matter for dashcams.

That’s why we give the ASUS Reco dashcam our recommendation of 100% captured Dashboard camera award. Priced at Php5,990 its a bit steep but the quality and much-needed guarantee of recording your journey are in good hands.



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