80 new Pokémon will arrive to Pokémon Go but still no duel function – Hungry Geeks

Niantic just announced that 80 new Pokémon will be added to the current game. Monsters like Chikorita, Croconaw,  Cyndaquil, Hoothoot, Totodile, and more will be available in the upcoming update. All new Pokémon will come from Pokemon Gold and Silver particularly the Johto region.

The upcoming update will also feature two new berries for better catching experience, one including to slow down Pokémon. No definitive details were announced yet but it will be interesting to see the catching process to be more dynamic.

Aside from software refinements like compatibility to Apple Watch and additional gyms and Pokéstops, this will be the biggest update of Pokémon Go so far. To be honest, we’re still disappointed as Niantic is obviously isn’t anywhere near the duel interaction we have been hoping for.

What do you think? Will this let you get back to Pokémon Go and start hunting again?



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