Alcatel launches A5 LED – Backside LED interactive smartphone – Hungry Geeks

In an unusual turnout of events, Alcatel just launched 4 phones at MWC Barcelona 2017 and one of them is the eye-catching A5 LED. If you are into entertainment particularly music, then we think the A5 LED will fit you nicely.

The A5 LED is the world’s first interactive LED-covered smartphone, Alcatel aims to deliver unique lighted notifications, color equalizer for music, flexible color back for different back covers and simple light shows for interaction.

An 4×9 array of RGB LEDs is possible for this light interaction, it’s all controllable via an app in the smartphone. But interestingly, this is just a removable back cover as this can be replaced with a battery or speaker but Alcatel hasn’t announced the other back overs officially (Can be seen here).

Alcatel A5 LED Specs

The specifications of the A5 LED aren’t impressive but more to fit the enthusiast level for music lovers. The question is that if Alcatel has put into effort into the audio quality of speakers and encoding, these factors will greatly affect the overall enjoyment for this unique feature.

Pricing and availability for the phone was not disclosed as of now.



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