All-new Mazda 3 2020 officially enters a new price premium

    The much-awaited Mazda 3 revamp is now finally here, the popular car series is not at an all-time high premium with notable upgrades, and entering a new price segment. Clearly, Mazada sees the opportunity to become the new generation BMW rather than another mass-market vehicle.

    Mazda just released the sedan and hatch variant of the Mazda 3 2020 in the Philippines recently at Whitespace Manila, even Mazda’s approach to their events is a sure sign of their elevation in branding. Alongside is their new visual identity such as revamped font, cleaner branding and still the recognizable Japanese-inspired branding.

    The fourth-generation Mazda 3 comes in both sedan and hatchback variants and you can choose in 1.5L and 2.0L variants respectfully. The new SkyActiv-G engines inside deliver 15% improved performance as compared to similar-sized engines, alongside with power efficiency features.

    All models come with 6-Speed Automatic with Sport Mode and their G-Vectoring Control Plus which actively reduces driver and passenger strain. The elite variant comes with 16″ Aluminum Alloy Wheels, while the premium comes with 18″ respectively.

    It comes with more aggressive front grills similar to the CX series, Mazda kept away from the chrome finishes and focused instead in deeper black accents and improving their flagship red and gunmetal color scheme.

    Inside the highest configuration, the speed variant is a red leather finish that is simply gorgeous. While the premium SkyActiv 2.0 comes in black leather, and the elite SkyActiv 1.5 comes in standard leatherette (hatch) and fabric (sedan).

    Prices of the new Mazda 3 are as follows

    Mazda 3 Price
    2.0L Speed P1,590,000
    2.0L Sportback Premium P1,510,000
    2.0L Sedan Premium P1,495,000
    1.5L Sportback Elite P1,320,000
    1.5L Sedan Elite P1,295,000


    Overall, seems Mazda is surely onto something here as compared to any other car manufacturer. Regardless of the criticism the brand received of being more expensive, their approach in recent years and loyal car fans have simply overshadowed it.

    Shout out to Eric Gajudo of Slick Photography and also a member of Mazdatech Philippines for allowing us to use his photos during the local launch of the Mazda 3 2020.



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