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The successor to the LG G4 is a reality with the LG G5!

The LG G5 looks to have a different design philosophy from it’s predecessors. The South Korean phone maker now gives it’s newest flagship a full uni-metal body, and a flat back surface in contrast to its former iterations and a slide-out removable battery. The power button although still located at the back is now coupled with a finger print sensor.

Apart from the external change, LG will also be unveiling 7 accessories that could be your LG G5’s best friend.

LG G5 Specifications:

Again, the LG G5 looks to compete with the best flagships other brands have released or will be releasing throughout MWC. Although it is tad bit disappointing that they had to leave their original design and rethink everything from the ground up. This could be a breaker for all those LG G2, G3 and G4 fans waiting for another curved display, curved back, and back buttons.

In any case, LG’s G5 new design is packed with the flexibility to transform into a digital camera, and a powerful music player. This two new features saves the day for the dying removable battery set-up for flagship handsets(read on to know why). In addition, the LG G5 still has that Always-on Display function it inherited from the LG V10 but LG positioned it on the main screen, rather than on a second thin LED screen like that of the LG V10.

It has a dual lens set up around the back, one with a 78 degree lens and the other with a 135 degree wide angle lens. The widest so far in all the handsets we’ve seen so far.

The thing with the LG G5 is the accessories that could be connected to it. The first one being the LG CAM Plus. It works like an extended battery grip for a DSLR camera. Providing an additonal 1200mAH, the LG CAM plus also sports a flash and a dedicated shutter button to turn your already awesome G5 to a compact digital camera instantly.

The next item would be the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play.This works as a high quality DAC+Amp by Bang and Olufsen. it has a 32 bit-up sampling and HD audio playback support.

Take note that removable battery is attached with a proprietary port that will be available for third party vendors. This means that other companies could get a hold of this tech and possible collaborate with the LG G5 for even more accessories.

For visual experience, LG outs the LG 360 VR which is a 118g VR headset with a display of 639ppi. It looks smaller compared to the Oculus Rift. LG hopes to give the G5 a one-up in terms of mobile gaming, and technically overall mobile entertainment. Another thing to take note of the LG 360VR is that instead of putting the phone inside the eye wear, you would be plugging it to your phone using USB Type C. This gives LG’s VR easier and lighter to use in the long run.

LG 360 CAM which is great for 360 degree contents, with 3 mics and 5.1 surround recording;it is a external camera that would be using your LG G5 as your shutter button. This is just great for getting that family selfie around the world.

LG Rolling Bot which should be their surveillance solution. You can control this bot through Wi-Fi when you are not at home. It also has an IR sensor that could control your home appliances.

For the audiophile experience, LG outs the first ever Bluetooth headset that supports Hi-Fi audio with the LG Tone Platinum and an ultra-light metal housing earphones called H3 by Band & Olufsen. 



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