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What if we told you that there is such thing as an ultra-portable, water, sand, rust, snow and shock proof speaker? It’s Altec Lansing’s Mini H2O Bluetooth Speaker.


Measuring at only 2.3″ by 4.1″ by 1″, the Mini H2O seats uncomfortably in your pocket and is smaller than an average hand. This speaker only weighs 4 ounces and has a removable rubber cover so you could clean it with no problem. The rubber cover is also replaceable with other colours like aqua blue, gray or red.

Control is only by means of three main buttons. A power button, and a plus and minus sign for the other functions. All three buttons are located on top of the small speaker, while the USB charging port and the 3.5mm Aux input are located on the botom part. A carabineer loop is situated on the upper left side of the audio device. This let’s you clip the device on your belt, bag or anywhere you might want to bring your sounds to.

The control might be difficult to use. The buttons takes a lot of force to press, and pressing it to much might bring you to another function it has. Tapping the plus or minus sign will bring the volume levels up or down, holding it navigates tracks. This is quite a troublesome job since the buttons are hard to press, you might wind up changing tracks when you only want to get the volume up. Pressing the power button will turn on or turn off the device, but double tapping this button will end you up calling the last person you called. A feature we like, but is hard to manage.


As we’ve said earlier, the Mini H2O is waterproof, shockproof, sandproof, rustproof, and snowproof. Placing it slowly on water makes the device float.


It has a rating of IP67 which means it is totally protected from dust, with immersion to water protection from 15cm to 1 meter in depth. Do take to close the rubber flap to protect the USB charging port and the 3.5mm when dipping it in water.


Altec Lansing gave the Mini H2O a nice 6 hour battery life. In my experience and on how loud I play my tunes, the device only lasted for about 3.5 to 4 hours. A decent battery mileage with the relativity of the size of the this device.

Sound Quality and Verdict

For a Php 1,995 audio device this small, it is quite expensive. So let us check out how it perform.

Since this is a miniscule speakers, don’t expect to great bass drops to match your hip-hop music moods. In songs I play testing this unit, we find it good when sounding off tunes at a minimal volume levels (low to mid); but when hitting loud volumes, the device vibrates and the song tears and distorts. The speaker starts to vibrates furiously while playing on the highest level of volumes.

Again, bulk of the Php 1,995 will be focused on if you want an ultraportable, all-proof bluetooth speaker. The sound quality was bad, well bad enough for my taste. I see Mini H2O to be used if you are working alone in the office. Letting it float on the pool, while you relax and have some pineapple juice; or quick picnic in the woods. This is a bad sound system for house parties sound trips, and other noise activities you and your friends might have. Although Altec Lansing is known for quality sound from their audio devices, this particular device is made focused on its durability and portability.



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