AMD Bundles Total War: Warhammer with R9 390s and Processors

    With just five days before the aforementioned release of Total War: Warhammer, the guns are out for AMD. Bundling the awaited game into their R9 390 series of graphics cards.  The offer also includes AMD’s 8-core FX processors into the mix. Sad that the R9 380s are not included in the offer.


    Get to know more about Total War: Warhammer by clicking the video below:

    It’s been a practice of both Nvidia and AMD to include games as incentives in buying their respective cards in order to boost sales. For users, it’s a good convincing factor if a beloved franchise or series is offered as part of a promo. The battle for great games has started to brew up a little last year with high-impact titles offered almost every month, and it continues to do so well within 2016.

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