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Right now in the PC market, Intel dominates around 95% in the laptop market in the Philippines and AMD only occupies the remaining percent with their best value laptops. But PC Corner recently posted a new AMD based laptop that could just compete and with over entry-level Core i7 laptops in the market.

If your budget is less than 50k for a good performing laptop, then meet the ASUS FX550IU, the latest AMD powered laptop from the Taiwanese giant. It has the latest AMD Quad-Core FX-9830P processor which is directly in comparison with the dual-core Core i7-7500U and AMD Radeon RX460 2GB DDR5 graphics that is considerably desktop class.

As an AMD laptop, ASUS traditionally makes it different in looks as compared to Intel counterparts. The result is a striking Mayan pattern seen in some ROG products in a black/red printed glossy body. Overall, it gives the laptop a ROG/Gamer feel which beats the boring gold color anytime.

The laptop is now available for purchase via PC Corner for Php45,995. Considering the specifications, the only downside is the 4GB DDR4 RAM which could be costly to upgrade (around 5k to add 8GB and make it a total of 12GB).

An ASUS employee just posted these posted which means that the unit is now in the Philippines and has good fighting power against Intel-powered laptops for a change.

According to, comparing the two processors from an apple-to-apples perspective gives the AMD FX9830P a winning choice. The AMD processor wins in all aspects of speed, cache, graphics and clock speed.

ASUS FX550IU Specifications

For us, this is definitely worth considering as not only the CPU and GPU are good, but the 128GB SSD is heaven sent against the very slow and bottle-neck 5400/7200rpm hard drives.



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