AMD Ryzen finally launched! To compete with Core i7 starting at Php16,700 – Hungry Geeks

With the exchange rate now at Php51 = $1 USD, the most affordable AMD Ryzen processor is priced at $329. A total of three AMD Ryzen processors were officially launched today and all are promised to perform better against its direct competitor Intel Core i7 variants.

Here are the three AMD Ryzen processors

All processors have standard 8 cores and 16 threads which are the most number seen on a single chip. Intel processors also have 8 cores but at a more premium price point as compared to AMD’s offering.

Here is a rundown of their clock speeds with boost 

Now you might be wondering what is the purpose of the “X” for. This stands for AMD’s XFR (eXtended Frequency Range) technology which enables to clock at much higher clock speeds provided that it detects good/ample cooling technology. So if you are using water cooling, you will more likely be exposed to higher clock speeds when needed.

Now a processor with higher energy can perform more, that’s the reason for the TDP (Thermal Design Power) which is the maximum wattage it can handle. So the “X” series processors can handle up to 95W which translates to its capabilities to clock higher.

Motherboard Manufacturers

Manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, and more were all present at the event of AMD. More than 80 motherboard configurations will be available by March 2, 2017, which is also the official availability of the processors worldwide.

We will try to get more information about these processors but at Php16,000+ starting point. It seems AMD is veering away from the price war but battling out more of value for money.

Cool stock cooler

Gone with the ICKY and ugly stock cooler like from Intel as AMD opted to change the stock cooler with RGB LED compatibility.

Overall, AMD Ryzen looks promising when you have the budget to create your own build PC. It may not be the same as before when AMD is present at sub 10k price, but it’s a start for AMD to get back in the game. March 2. 2017 is the official availability date of AMD worldwide, we will still have to check if it will be available here by then.



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