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Selfie, or self-portrait photograph is one of the many trends that was brought by smartphones. It evolved into many phases such as duck faces and taking it into the new level using selfie sticks. People are always on the mission to find the perfect selfie to post on their social media accounts, but what do you really need to take the perfect selfie? Read on.

The perfect angle

If you’re not fond of reading weird news, you may have missed that there’s actually science behind the perfect selfie. Most people, if they would like to see a selfie they would want to see the cheekbone highlighted. So what you want to do is to tilt your head at an angle to highlight those cheekbones and make your eyes a little bit bigger. Always experiment.

The perfect lighting

A photo posted by Joyce Pring (@joycepring) on Jul 20, 2016 at 5:34am PDT

Just like any other kind of photos, lighting is key. The right lighting will always make your skin radiant and if you’re standing right next to your window, your hair will give off a super-shiny feel. Best if you go outside where the sun is shining but not directly to your face. If you want to take it up a notch, why not take a selfie at a studio with good lighting? There are also those cool cases for your phone that acts as a flash.

The perfect smartphone

There’s really no perfect smartphone for selfies. But there are those smartphones that their main feature is to take a better selfies than others. Take this Oppo F1s for example, it is actually dubbed as the “selfie expert”, it boasts a 16MP front camera paired with 1/3.1-inch image sensor to capture more light and detail.

The perfect filter

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Just like the smartphone, there’s no perfect filter. You just have to explore and find the right one that suits your selfie. You may want to use third-party applications such as VSCO and SnapSeed.



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