Android Wear Smartwatch can now sync on iPhones – Hungry Geeks

Finally, the day has finally come – the day where you can finally use your Android Smartwatch with an iPhone. Just yesterday, a number of Android Wear smartwatches (and all upcoming watches) will now work on the iPhone. The app is currently being rolled out to everyone. It has been a long time since we demanded this and it means that Google is now challenging Apple in their own smartphone. Keep in mind that Android Wear smartwatches are cheaper and provides more variants than the Apple Watch. Much like the war between Apple and Android companies.

This of course, has some minor setbacks. Android Wear watches are not completely functional when paired with an iPhone. Also, only three watches officially support the iphone: the Asus ZenWatch 2, Huawei Watch and the LG Watch Urbane. Google won’t be supporting older watches because it wants them to work right away without the need of software updates (maybe also for you to buy new ones). Maybe we the Android community will find a way to work around with that kind of issue soon.

If you have one of those three watch, the installation process on the iPhone is fairly easy. You just need to download the Android Wear app, go to the app so you can pair the watch with your iPhone, the you’ll just have to set some options to set up the basic preferences. That’s it.

If you’re wondering what your Android Wear smartwatch can do when it is synced with your iPhone, here are some of the features you can get:

For an Android on the iPhone, that’s quite a lot for Google to manage. The only problem is that there are some limitations in the iOS that will prevent certain features from working. Even with those some limitations, Google has managed to make Android Wear completely unlocked on the iPhone.

You can expect more updates and features coming to Android Wear on the app store in these coming months, maybe we’ll get to see all of the features on an Android phone in the iPhone.



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