Angkas Food delivery service now operational

    In order to help both citizens and riders, Angkas has officially launched the Angkas Food delivery service. From 10:00am to 5:30pm, you can now have meals delivered to your doorstep via an Angkas Biker.

    Angkas has provided a list of partner restaurants that accept Angkas Food. Follow these steps in order to have your meal delivered to your home:

    • Contact a restaurant in the participating list. Inform the establishment that an Angkas Biker will deliver the food directly to you. No need to book through the app.
    • Pay the restaurant for the order. Use cashless transactions if possible.
    • Leave your contact details with the restaurant.
    • Meet the biker upon arrival.
    • Pay for the order (if Cash on Delivery), delivery fee, and parking fee is applicable.

    Delivery fee for Angkas Food will start at PhP 60 for 3km. An additional PhP 10 will be added per kilometer for up to 5km. Those residing in a condominium or buildings, the delivery will be at the ground floor or at the lobby.

    In order to practice social distancing, the biker will place the items on the seat of the motorcycle or on your doorstep before moving back to a safe distance. Angkas has noted that 100% of the delivery fee will go to the biker.


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