AOC launches Gaming brand AGON locally – Hungry Geeks

AOC releases their gaming monitor brand “AGON” earlier this year and is now available in the Philippines. AGON will be separating its lineup of displays into two categories with AGON 1 and AGON II. The main difference for the two categories is that products under AGON 1 will be using Nvidia G-SYNC while AGON II will be using Adaptive Sync.

AGON displays will put competitive gamer’s vision first and focus on high performance and convenient design. AGON displays have several standard specifications which includes high refresh rates (mostly 144Hz or above) along with 1ms response time , which is implemented to ensure ultra-smooth movement on screen.  Apart from the usual refresh rates and fast response time, AGON displays will be equipped with custom-designed AOC Ergo Enhance, eye protection with AOC Flicker Free and Low Blue Light, brand new height and angle adjustable stand and a built in headset hanger.

AGON displays will be launched throughout 2016 across the entire Asia Pacific region through AOC partners.


The AGON 1 AG271QG is priced at 46,000Php with a 27” Nvidia G-SYNC capability at 144Hz refresh rate. While AG322FCX and the AG271QX is part of the AGON II category and priced at 49,000Php  and 32,700Php respectively. AG322FCX is equipped with a 32” Adaptive Sync display while  the AG271QX is equipped with a 27” display and Adapative Sync.


Curved AGON displays is expected to land this ber-months, which includes the AG352UCG (AGON I) and the AG352QCX (AGON II) both will hold a 35” Curved VA display .

You may visit their facebook page here for more details and information.



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