Apple looking in to two iPhone 8 Plus’ battery swelling

    Reports from Apple Daily say that a woman from Taichung City, Taiwan bought a 64GB variant of the iPhone 8 Plus back in September when the battery started swelling while the phone was still charging three days from purchase.

    Credits to Apple Daily.

    According to the customer, she was only charging Apple’s latest smartphone using the original charger for three minutes when it started to swell up. The battery was so swollen that the display has been popped off from the body.

    Credits to Magkoro0511.

    A customer from Japan has also experienced the same issue with his brand new iPhone 8 Plus. In this case, however, he found out that the battery had swollen before he has even used it. The display has also been separated from the body.

    These two isolated incidents have been reported at this time. Let’s wait until Apple completes their investigation before we decide the fate of the iPhone 8 Plus.

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