Apple may be working on an under-the-display Touch ID

    Touch ID may have been sacked with the release of the iPhone X in lieu of Face ID. Apple, however, may be working on bringing back Touch ID to its future devices with an under-the-display version.

    Apple has submitted a new patent entitled “Acoustic pulse coding for imaging of input surfaces.” This fancy terminology basically allows a surface to detect other objects coming into contact by only using sound.

    The patent further explains that an array of acoustic transducers are positioned in contact with the surface. These can transmit a coded impulse signal from a touch input. By monitoring reflections from several coded signals, the signals can form a full image of a fingerprint.

    It seems that Apple will be following the pack in terms of under-the-display technology. Last year, Vivo launched the X20 Plus UD which is the first smartphone to come with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

    This year, manufacturers are now working on a full-display version of an under-the-display fingerprint scanner. This is evident with the Vivo APEX 2019 and Xiaomi’s mystery smartphone.

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 series will also come with an under-the-display scanner. Samsung’s version, however, might encounter problems with aftermarket screen protectors.

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