Apple refreshes keyboard, trackpad, and mouse | News and Reviews

Apple is now updating their standalone keyboard, trackpad and mouse today and it’s enhancements are on point. They main change now is they are ditching the AA battery power to built-in batteries that you can charge using you Lightning cable. These batteries are still expected to last to about a whole month per charge, and supposed to charge quickly gaining nine hours of power from just two minutes of being plugged in.

Magic Trackpad 2

The biggest change that we’ll see is the new trackpad. It’s no longer awful and it appears to be quite useful. The new trackpad has a flat metal base and a white top, which slopes down from back to front. The trackpad’s surface is a little bit wider making a rectangular shape and it also gained a nifty trick: it supports Force Touch so you can now click anywhere. Unfortunately, with the new feature, it now costs nearly double – up to $129.

Apple Keyboard

The keyboard looks much different: it’s now a single slab of metal with slope from top to bottom. It also fits perfectly beside the new trackpad if you put them next to each other. The keys are slightly wider by reducing the air gap between them, yet their positions are still identical. It will cost $99, a price hike of $30.

Magic Mouse 2

The new mouse has the least number of upgrades. It looks very identical to the previous one, with the same awkward flat the seemed not very ergonomically built. It’s slightly longer which is okay. The big change that you’ll see is on the bottom where there’s no longer a thin removable plate that covers the battery slot. It sells for $79, more than $10 than the previous model.

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