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Getting tired of buying in-app just to finish a game on apps that you already bought? No worries, as Apple is starting to promote games that don’t have any in-app purchases on the front page of their App Store. The section is called “Pay Once & Play” and features games that don’t require users to pay for extra content in the app.

The page is divided into three sections named “Recent Releases”, “Blockbuster Games”, and “App Store Originals”. The games in the section includes a variety of popular games and hand-picked apps from Apple: this includes the hit game “Gunbrick” under Recent Releases,  the popular “Minecraft” and the monochrome-themed “Limbo” under Blockbuster Games.

For the past few years, Apple has been dealing with complaints and comments over the nature of freemium games and how they were labeled as free downloads while efficiently hiding a number of contents in gameplay unlock-able via in-app purchases. The company brought minor changes on how their apps are being displayed on the app store, like how they changed the label of these freemium games from “Free” to “Get”.

Last year, Apple and Google paid millions of dollars to settle these complaints from the Federal Trade Commission over in-app purchases.

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