Arknights’ First Event “Grani and the Knights’ Treasure” Returns For A Limited Time

Arknights’ very first event Grani and the Knights’ Treasure is back for a limited time. For the new players, this is a perfect chance to experience the story and get the event-limited operator Grani. As for those players who have joined the initial run of the event, new excitement and rewards await!

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About The Grani and the Knights’ Treasure Event

Grani and the Knights’ Treasure – Rerun Event starts from November 26, 2020, 10:00 (UTC-7) to December 10, 2020, 03:59 (UTC-7).  The event tells a story about Grani helping the village chief to find the Knights’ treasure and fighting against other bounty hunters. During the journey, you get to meet Skadi and the Reunion Squad leader, Big Bob, and get to know the secret behind the Knights’ Treasure. As a complement to the main story, the side story event allows players to get a deeper insight into operators who are fighting along with them.

Event Rewards

The event features a set of Event Stages and Event Missions for players to clear and farm. There are 6 normal stages and 6 EX stages in this event. Players can obtain Bounty Coins by clearing the stages and completing missions. Bounty coins are used to redeem rewards including headhunter tickets, battle records, LMD, tokens to increase Grani’s potential, elite upgrade materials, and furniture at the event shop.

For players who’ve explored this event before, the stage progress from its initial release will be kept and the first-clear reward will not be reset since this is a rerun event. Part of the rewards collected from this rerun event will be turned into Intelligence Certificate, which can be used to redeem Orundum and other materials at the Certificate Store.

New Operators and Limited-time Headhunting

  Playing the event allows you to get Grani, the event limited operator. Additionally, the Limited-time Headhunting “Behold the Sword of Tide” will get a rerun as well. Skadi, Nightmare, Nearl, Rope, and Beehunter will have higher chances of appearing using the event banner.

Alongside, there will be two new operators in the new Limited-time Headhunting “Quicksand  Vortex”. Beeswax is a five-star Caster dealing AoE Arts damage. Her skill can summon an Obelisk upon a melee tile to deal damage and stun enemies. The other operator is Chiave, who is a five-star Vanguard with DP-recovery skills. His talent synergizes with one-star operators and is recommended for them to team up together.

Outfits and Furniture

Grani will get a new outfit Miraculous Moment in this rerun event. Also, there will be an outfit re-edition including Lacquer for Silence, Graphite for Meteorite, and Iron Block for Jessica. Furniture set Express Chain Pizzeria will have a re-edition during the event as well.

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