Arknights Holds Contingency Contract Season 0 Event | News and Reviews

Arknights recently updated a new season of Contingency Contract – Season 0 Operation Barrenland. This time Operation Barrenland has expanded the event map to 8 sites, encouraging players to explore more tactical combinations of different operators.

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New Arknights Contingency Contract 0, New Operators

Similar to the last Contingency Contract event, players can combine various contracts and customize different formations to clear the stages. By collecting Contract Bounties after completing various missions, players are able to redeem more free rewards from the event trade center, including the 5-Star Dualstrike Guard Bibeak.

Except for the free claimed event operator Bibeak, another three new operators, Bagpipe (6-star Vanguard), Sesa (5-star Sniper), and Utage (4-star Guard), will be available at the headhunting as well. These three operators’ battle skills are as strong as their iconic personalities: Bagpipe is a well-trained soldier and experienced fighter who can deal multiple hits and recover DPs within no time; Sesa is a mysterious weapon adjuster whose attacks can also slow enemies down; While Utage is a trend chaser who is open to all new things, including standing on the battlefront and becoming a self-sufficient Guard.

Limited-Edition Autumn Cosmetics For Several Operators

Following the seasonal fashion trends, Arknights presents a stylish and unique early autumn collection in the store from September 10th till September 24th. This time, operators Hoshiguma, Zima, and Gavial finally get chances to dress up and enjoy the grace of autumn.

Arknights Contingency Contract 0 – New “Healthy Diner” Furniture Set

Along with the seasonal outfits, Rhodes Island has welcomed a new themed furniture set – “Healthy Diner” as the replacement of the original furniture lucky drops in each main storyline mission. It’s time to redecorate the dorm and create an appetizing ambiance for the Operators!

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