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    Still on your Halloween vibes? If not, its still good to have a good scare from time to time. Fortunately HOOQ just recently had the ASH vs Evil Dead Series. With a same day premier as the US, HOOQ just landed a goldmine with more and more series available to watch.
    Ash vs Evil Dead

    From the creators of the iconic Evil Dead movie trilogy – director Sam Raimi and horror icon Bruce Campbell will come together again to bring back the beloved and celebrated world of Evil Dead for the original television series made for Starz.

    This series that has critics, horror fans, and film enthusiasts abuzz sees actor Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash Williams from the original Evil Dead series as the chainsaw-wielding, monster-shredding slacker.  Anti-hero Ash Williams, now somewhat aged but still quick-witted as ever, fights the forces of evil that turn unsuspecting people and inanimate objects into wise-cracking killing machines called Deadites.  Ash vs. Evil Dead also features franchise newcomers Lucy Lawless, Mimi Rogers, and Jill Marie Jones.  Enjoy “splat-stick” at its finest as the offbeat and endearing characters find themselves in gruesomely hilarious situations with Deadites.

    Ash vs Evil Dead

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