ASUS is expanding their range of ROG-branded components to include liquid-cooling AiOs. Formally announced in the ROG keynote before Computex 2018, their ROG Ryujin and Ryuo liquid-cooling AIOs come equipped with Noctua’s industry-leading fans.

ROG Ryujin

Named after Genji’s ultimate from Overwatch, the ROG Ryujin is the top-of-the-line AiO from ASUS. It comes with a Noctua iPPC 2000PWM fans as well as up to a 360mm radiator. To separate itself from the pack of AiOs currently available in the market, the Ryujin comes with a larger than usual block that houses another Noctua fan to cool down the VRM area that most liquid-cooling AiO coolers don’t have.

The cooling block also has an OLED screen that can be customized to your heart’s desire. It can house an ROG logo as well as RGB lighting or display a custom image if you want to add some extra jazz on your PC.

ROG Ryuo

The ROG Ryuo is a toned town version of the Ryujin. Like its bigger brother, the ROG Ryuo comes with an OLED display although it’s a bit smaller at just 1.77-inches. The block also lights up in RGB to give your PC some needed customization at your time of need.

The ROG Ryuo will come in 240mm and 120mm variants while the ROG Ryujin will be available in 240mm and 360mm versions. No word yet as to when these new AIO coolers will hit the market but we expect that they will arrive before the year ends.