ASUS ROG ditches red with the PNK LTD lineup of peripherals

    ASUS Republic of Gamers has always stuck with a red motif in most of their peripherals and components ever since their inception back in 2006. In 2019, however, ROG is ditching their signature red color in lieu of something more fun with the new PNK LTD line peripherals

    ASUS ROG Strix Flare

    Now predominantly in pink, the ASUS ROG Strix Flare PNK LTD still channels the original design of the original ROG Strix Flare with its hairline finish that traverses the right side and runs parallel to a diagonal slash that cuts right down to the keyboard’s bottom edge.

    With a two-tone effect with its matte pink and textured finish, the keyboard still includes everything we loved from the keyboard before such as the rubberized volume wheel, the customizable acylic insert, and its per-key RGB lighting compatible with ASUS AURA SYNC.

    The ASUS ROG Strix Flare PNK LTD Edition will have choices of Cherry MX Red, Brown, or Blue switches.

    ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin

    Despite its new paint job, the ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin preserves the Mayan-inspired etching on its sides found on the original model. In order for the mouse to deflect grime, several parts have been painted grey such as the scroll wheel, sides, thumb rest, and the cable.

    Inside the ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin PNK LTD is the same PixArt 3360 optical version that can reach 12,000DPI. DPI of the mouse can be switched via the dedicated DPI switch. Omron switches on the mouse are rated for 50 million clicks and can be replaced with ASUS’ switch socket that allows hot swapping of different switches for varying resistance and feel.

    The ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin PNK LTD have a limited run time in the market.

    ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 300

    One of ASUS’ gaming headsets has also received the PNK LTD treatment. Underneath the ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 300’s pastel pink exterior are 50mm ASUS Essence drivers and 7.1 virtual surround. The chamber inside the earcup is airtight to reduce audio leakage and vibrations as well as deliver isolation from exterior noise.

    ASUS ROG Sheath

    Completing the PNK LTD set is the ASUS ROG Sheath. Aside from the pink paint job, the ASUS ROG Sheath remains largely the same as the vanilla model. The top left portion of the desk mat lies a pink pattern with lighter colored cyberpunk-inspired pattern while the rest of the mat is solid grey.

    The tightly woven fabric on top of a non-slip back of the ASUS ROG Sheath won’t budge in any kind of play. The PNK LTD edition will still have an enormous footprint of 35-inch by 17-inch to house most of your peripherals.

    All four of the PNK LTD peripherals from ASUS ROG are expected to arrive in the market on March 2019. Pricing will be announced a few weeks before the local release.

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