ASUS ROG outs new gaming audio gear at Computex 2019

asus rog audio gear computex

ASUS ROG is upping their audio game this year with the launch of the new ROG Theta gaming headset series and the ROG Cetra in-ear monitors.

ASUS ROG Theta and Theta Electret


ASUS ROG is adding two new headsets to their audio lineup: the ASUS ROG Theta and Theta Electret. The ASUS ROG Theta builds on the last year’s Delta DNA by having a USB Type-C connection and 7.1 surround.

Inside the ROG Theta’s earcups are the brand’s ASUS Essence Drivers supported by virtual subwoofers to deliver a large soundstage with deep bass, which will provide total immersion in games.

The biggest selling point of the ROG Theta is its microphone. Like most devices released in the past few years, the Theta’s microphone will now employ AI-assisted noise cancelling.

ASUS has sampled more than 50 million varieties of external sound and has taught the headset’s AI to cancel these sounds while keeping the user’s voice over the microphone crystal clear.

In addition, the headset comes with an ESS SABRE9601 quad-amp and an ROG-customized 7.1 DAC to deliver home-theater levels of audio output as well as support for lossless audio quality.

ASUS ROG Theta Elecret.

The ASUS ROG Theta Electret shares the same design as the Theta aside from the RGB lighting. What’s new about the Electret is its drivers. The Theta Electret uses high-fidelity elecret drivers and a dynamic subwoofer to deliver better sound quality.

The electret drivers handles frequencies from 7500Hz and above while the dynamic subwoofer produces frequencies from 20Hz to 7500Hz. The brand has developed the two drivers to work together in order to deliver better audio experience.

The ASUS ROG Theta Elecret employs a traditional 3.5mm audio jack instead of a USB Type-C connection. It even comes with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm converter. This means that the headset can be used in hi-fi setups for a glorious audio experience.


The ASUS ROG Cetra is the first in-ear monitors from the brand. As such, the earphones have implemented all the expected ROG design cues from before like RGB lighting and an aggressive look.

The ROG Cetra was built to be paired with the ROG Phone or the Nintendo Switch via a USB Type-C connection. The device is powered by the ASUS Essence driver to provide top-notch audio quality. As an added bonus, the Cetra will come with a pouch, four sets of interchangeable tips, and three sets of ear hooks.

ASUS has also implemented active noise cancelling technology on the Cetra. This will allow the user to enjoy games without any disturbances from the outside world. The earphones will also come with an in-line mic with controls for a seamless user experience.

Pricing and availability for the ASUS ROG Theta series and ROG Cetra hasn’t been announced but we expect all three to hit the market sometime in Q3.

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