ASUS teases launch of ZenFone 4, confirms dual camera features

    It’s no secret that ASUS will be launching their new ZenFone 4 range some time this year. The ZenFone 4 Max has been already been unveiled in Russia, and we are all waiting with bated breath what ASUS has done with their signature ZenFone series.

    A few photos posted on ASUS Philippines’ Facebook page all but confirm the usage of dual cameras in the upcoming ZenFone 4. Aside from the design of the photos, a few phrases gives away a few features that will come in the ZenFone 4.

    We can extrapolate from the images that the ZenFone 4 will probably have dual cameras that are working together in order to produce a sharper picture, which is more akin to Huawei’s P10 Plus which had a 12MP color sensor and a 20MP monochrome sensor that worked together to produce a much better end result. The sensors might also be wide angle to fit more subjects in one frame.

    The photos also suggest that the ASUS smartphone will have better low light performance. Due to the dual camera approach, we can only guess that the ZenFone 4 would probably have multi-frame exposure capabilities in order to get better photos in low light situations. It seems that optical zoom will also be making a comeback in the ZenFone 4, which proved successful with their ZenFone 3 Zoom.

    Aside from the specs of the ZenFone 4 Max, we don’t have any official specs yet about the other SKUs of the ZenFone 4. Hopefully, we’ll know more as we near its release date.

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