ASUS VivoBook S14 and S15 series get a permanent markdown

    ASUS Philippines has formally announced that their VivoBook S14 and S15 series laptops are getting permanent markdowns from their original prices. Aside from the lesser price, the brand is also offering a new Hydroflask 32oz tumbler worth PhP 2,490 with every purchase of VivoBook S notebooks.

    Here’s a quick breakdown of participating models as well as their old and new prices:

    VivoBook S14  Old price  New price
    S430UN-EB018T PHP 50,995 PHP 48,995
    S14 S430UN-EB019T PHP 50,995 PHP 48,995
    S430FN-EB056T PHP 51,995 PHP 49,995
    S430FN-EB057T PHP 51,995 PHP 49,995
    S430FN-EB058T PHP 51,995 PHP 49,995
    S430FN-EB062T PHP 51,995 PHP 49,995
    S430UN-EB020T PHP 63,995 PHP 61,995
    S430UN-EB021T PHP 63,995 PHP 61,995
    S430FN-EB059T PHP 64,995 PHP 62,995
    S430FN-EB060T PHP 64,995 PHP 62,995
    S430FN-EB061T PHP 64,995 PHP 62,995

    VivoBook S15 Old price  New price
    S530UN-BQ138T PHP 50,995 PHP 48,995
    S530UN-BQ139T PHP 50,995 PHP 48,995
    S530UN-BQ234T PHP 56,995 PHP 54,995
    S530UN-BQ398T PHP 50,995 PHP 48,995
    S530UN-BQ003T PHP 63,995 PHP 61,995
    S530UN-BQ004T PHP 62,995 PHP 60,995
    S530UN-BQ031T PHP 63,995 PHP 61,995
    S530FN-BQ023T PHP 64,995 PHP 62,995
    S530FN-BQ103T PHP 64,995 PHP 62,995
    S530FN-BQ104T PHP 64,995 PHP 62,995

    ASUS is also offering their “Expand Your Horizons” back to school promo with other notebooks. Check out this link to see more notebooks participating in the sale.

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