Having WiFi problems in your home? Let the ASUS AiMesh solve your household WiFi problem to experience the full potential of your Internet connection. If they can’t fix it, then you’ll get USD 1,000.

The ASUS AiMesh challenge will run until May 12, 2019. Anyone who is looking to join the challenge would need to head to the campaign site and complete the form to participate. Winners will be announced on May 30, 2019 and will be contacted via email.

ASUS specialists will come to your homes to evaluate what system is optimal in your situation. In the event that the system fails to fix your WiFi problems, the winner will get USD 1,000. Winners will also be required to be filmed as a part of the ASUS AiMesh experience to be used for various promotions.

If you’re interested in fixing your WiFi problems on your own with the ASUS AiMesh, we’ve made a quick video to show how it works. You can also check if your current ASUS router supports AiMesh via the ASUS website.