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Just a couple of weeks ago, Asus officially released three new Zenpads that will suit everybody in the market. They assured that not all good looking tablets comes in with high price tags. So here we are, reviewing the middle among the three, the Zenpad 7.0.


Body and Design

Looking upon the Zenpad 7.0 from afar it will automatically tell you that it features a stunning look and feel even if you’re not holding it yet. With its metallic lines and leather patterning, you can always be stylish when holding the device. One of the highlights of the ZenPad is it’s removable back cover which allows you to interchange back covers and colors to suit your style and mood.

The sides of the device has ergonomic rounded edges and when combined with the leather and removable back cover, provides a better grip on the tablet that will prevent it from slipping from your hands.

Overall, it is a 7-inch tablet with a body that’s as small as that of a traditional 7-inch device. The bezels are not too thin but will actually help you from touching the screen when using it one-handed.


ASUS features VisualMaster with their displays, it is a suite of exclusive visual enhancements that improves contrast, sharpness, color, clarity, and brightness.

But don’t let some fancy names catch your eyes, it’s pretty much of a standard display with a few tweaks here and there. The display is very bright that can be used outdoors, has great colors, and has good viewing angles. The pixel density is also good that will assure you great viewing experience from a standard distance.

With the speakers located in front of the tablet, rest assured you’ll have satisfying media experience whether its for your gaming or watching movies.


The tablet features Asus’ popular ZenUI. You won’t notice so much changes from stock Android which is very good, but it will also let you feel the simple and clean navigations that you are already familiar with.

What I liked with the ZenUI is it’s useful features such as ZenMotion which gives the user to do touch gestures that can automatically launch apps and other customizable functions from the off screen by just drawing letters on the display. Also, they managed to incorporate LG’s Knock to wake feature which is useful because pressing the physical buttons can be a bit of a trouble.


The ZenPad’s 8 MP camera is pretty much of a standard and there’s nothing to say something special to it, don’t expect that this tablet will stand out in this category.

Although it is pretty much of a mediocre camera, it really gets the job done, it can deliver satisfying shots outdoors or even indoors with good lighting environment. Image processing, sharpness and even autofocus speed are satisfyingly average. Again, don’t expect a special camera with this kind of price range.


One thing I noticed about the battery of this tablet is that it took long to charge, it took me about 4 to 5 hours from charging it fully. In regular use, you can expect that the tablet can pretty much last up to 2 days. I have been using this tablet for weeks now, and based from experience, I only charge this every 2 days which is effective and useful.

Performance wise, the Antutu Benchmark scored the ZenPad 19719. Again, a pretty much standard score. Games with high graphics are still playable, with a 2GB of RAM, multitasking is still good and apps can pretty much open with ease and no lag issues.


The ZenPad 7.0 are for those customers who doesn’t really need a tablet but wanting to buy one for a cheap price. You won’t really go wrong with this one as it is a good-great tablet specifications-wise. It’s is also very stylish and pleasing to the eye with its design and body. If you’re looking for a cheap tablet and doesn’t care for a high-speced one, the ZenPad is for you.

The ZenPad 7.0 is now available and priced at Php 7,995.



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