Azur Lane Introduces New Mode “Operation Siren”, Major Event “Inverted Orthant”


Naval shoot-em-up mobile game, Azur Lane has launched the patch update, “Operation Siren”, with new characters, mode, and plots enriching the game experience and depicting a bigger in-game world. The update is available from December 22, 2020. Furthermore, a new major event “Inverted Orthant”, will be ready in the following week. Azur Lane is on full speed ahead to welcome 2021.

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Azur Lane Operation Siren – New Game Mode, Characters, and Story Await

Azure Lane HiryuuIn Operation Siren, players can explore a variety of maps for new rewards and challenge new Siren enemies that have randomized abilities. For the new characters, TB will be the identification interface digital assistant and navigator for Commander and Hiryuu META will be available at the launch of Operation Siren. The patch also introduces a new storyline to find out the motive behind the Sirens and what defines META.

New Music Video “Signal” Out Now

Partnering with Pop Singer Beverly, the song is created for “Operation Siren”. Beverly is a talented vocalist based in Japan under the Avex Trax label. This song portrays the journey of Azur Lane’s characters, seeking answers and fighting for their dreams against enemies called “Siren” on a water-covered planet.

For players around the world to enjoy this song, two versions in both English and Japanese are released. What’s more, Beverly wrote the lyrics of the English version herself.

For a Limited Time Only: Christmas Skins and Furniture Set

With Christmas around the corner, Azur Lane’s new update will bring a new set of Christmas furniture and brand-new skins for Jenkins, Yuudachi, Hammann and many others to players. Marblehead skin will be free to obtain in the event and previous Christmas skins and furniture will return as well to celebrate the holiday.

Operation Siren Gear Update and New Challenge

In Operation Siren, multiple new equipment will be available for the 4 main factions (USS, HMS, KMS, IJN). Players can use materials obtained from Operation Siren to enhance and evolve gears into stronger versions. Moreover, some of these upgrade materials are exclusive to Operation Siren.

As for combat, this patch will include a new challenge mode called “Ashes Showdown” which enables players to challenge META characters to a showdown and invite friends and guild members for help. Participants can earn synchronize points by defeating META characters and obtain META characters after reaching certain amounts of points.

META Research Lab and Guild Update

Along with the new story, this patch will also have a new facility introduced, the META Research Lab for META characters. Players can level up META characters’ skills and attributes using this lab. What’s more, there will be daily guild missions that require members to coordinate to earn exclusive guild perks.

“Inverted Orthant” Coming Soon

Azur Lane Operation SirenThe new event “Inverted Orthant ” will be available on December 29, 2020. This includes the launch of new Iron Blood characters, such as Prinz Heinrich, Peter Strasser and others. To prepare for “Inverted Orthant”, a prelude event where certain Iron Blood characters will get extra experience in combat is currently ongoing. In Research Academy when players finish research, they will also receive extra blueprints for Roon per the Blueprint Completion Plan event.

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