Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Available by June 23 – Hungry Geeks

It’s not what it is underneath, but what it does that defines it.

You either buy a black PS4 or wait long enough to get something grand like this one.

The console that you deserve, but– and also the one that you need.

Okay, enough with the lame allusions to the Dark Knight. Sony’s Arkham Knight Edition of the PS4 has undeniably garnered wide and generally positive attention after it was unveiled a couple of weeks back. The good thing about it is that it will hit Philippine shores!

This special edition PS4 has a uniquely designed Steel gray chassis with a custom faceplate and is packaged with a matching DUALSHOCK®4 controller. More importantly, the game, Batman: Arkham Knight, is also part of the bundle.

Better start fattening your wallets as this Arkham Knight PS4 is coming this June 23rd. The price is still unknown but Sony has hinted the possibility of having pre-orders. Do stay tuned for the pricing and other related news about this coming triple-A game and console.



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