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The Avengers are back, called into action again by another threat that aims to destroy humanity. In the first movie, our heroes managed to bring down an alien army intent on conquering Earth by the orders of Thor’s brother, Loki. This time the threat is even greater, with an artificial intelligence named Ultron seeking to wipe out mankind from the face of the planet in order to achieve peace (Whut?). Did I mention that Iron Man created him? (Way to go, Stark).


Our favorite group is finally back after saving the world from those nasty aliens. After finding the Loki’s staff, Iron Man messed up big-time. While working on creating his peacekeeping program, Ultron, it became an evil robotic force of artificial intelligence that aims to destroy every human being on the planet. It’s only hindrance from achieving this are the Avengers: Thor and Captain America for some amazing hammer-and-shield combo; Hulk for massive damage with some sexual healing from his now-love-team Black Widow; plus our good-sidekick Hawkeye with his interesting backstory.

In addition to the team, here comes the twins, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Someone actually says “he’s fast and she’s weird” for a quick introduction of their powers. Also there’s Captain America and Iron Man’s sidekicks: the Iron Patriot and Falcon. Still, no one steals scenes from Ultron, exept Vision, his counterpart with the voice of Iron Man’s A.I partner J.A.R.V.I.S.


Unfortunately, the movie starts with some exploding scenes that will get you pumped up, but after a while, that nice beginning quickly turns into a whimper. Thanks to Hawkeye’s backstory and some love scenes from The Hulk and Black Widow, you’ll feel that the scenes are very long and that the actions scenes are over due.

Ultron came to life in unbelievable ways, but then this story is based from comics, and anything goes. Iron Man and Dr. Banners explains away how Ultron came to be in a rather clunky and unclear manner, but then this is a movie aimed at people of all ages, so the use of simplified stories should be expected. Don’t get me wrong, they made Ultron a very suitable villain to fight the Avengers. He may just be the most human character in the film if you think of it.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron is a strange and messy film, considering there are too many characters and they battle each other for that precious screen time of a 2-hour movie. The plot works just fine, but still ends up being distracting and fragmented. Of course, our favorite characters are all there, but none of them really stands out. If you compare it to the previous movie, you’ll notice that this is not an Ironman movie anymore (which is good). There’s some adorable love scenes and a number of humor. But none of them really fits together just like the first movie. But hey, it’s still a movie worth watching.



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