Battlefield 5 Teaser Coming on May 6 – Hungry Geeks

The long silence and wait is finally over. EA Dice is going to reveal the upcoming Battlefield 5 on May 6 at 9PM BST. Using time conversion, that’s about 4AM in the Philippines on May 7, Saturday. Visit the teaser site, here.

EA’s Battlefield series continues to be popular, especially those set in the Modern age. The franchise has always been vocal about what makes them stand out among the other shooters: physics, vehicles, and massive player count. Combat in Battlefield is varied and continues to do so. We just hope that the same can be found in Battlefield 5. Also, the graphics of Battlefield games certainly stand out from among the others.

Battlefield 5 has been mired with numerous rumors with regards to its content and theater of war. Before, we’ve had reports of it being set in the Great War or World War I. Next, we’ve also had reports of it planned to be back to its World War II Roots. Lastly, people also voiced out that they’re already tired with the Modern Setting, but nonetheless, rumors and misleading posters and documents continued to come out.

Like this one. We still can’t determine if this is fake. We’ll just have to wait until they announce next week.

Currently, players are excited but not that much. Battlefield 5’s launch might be similar to
that of Battlefield 4 together with its serious quirks and unbalanced gameplay. Today, thousands of players still enjoy the almost three year old game as newer, more affordable hardware can easily run it and the game is already incredibly balanced and fleshed out. It’s also already cheap.

If you’re figuring out if Battlefield is the game for you, best check out the other Battlefield games first as it really is mostly different from other shooters out there. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait for Battlefield 5’s reveal next week. We just hope that it would come out in their usual release date in October or November this year.



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