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In today’s digital lifestyle of Filipinos, anything interesting online can go viral. With Philippines being the forefront of Social Media of the world, its easy to either inspire or ruin someone. But of course we want to show positive and inspirational stories to everyone that’s why this 2015 on the 5th year of Globe’s Tatt Awards the aim to amplify greatness.

Previously Tatt Awards has been awarding great contributors in the society through several categories, but his year they aim simplicity by awarding “The Great 10”. Nomination is now open until October 15, 2015.

To Nominate simply go to and use your facebook or twitter account as your registration. You can nominate anything that you think has contributed to the society whether its a single person, group, organization, project or even a movement.

The nominations will be screened by the Tatt Council composed of key personalities from various fields, all of which have been chosen for their own brand of greatness.

The council has less than a month to decide for The Great 10 and awarding will be on November 11, 2015 based in the following criteria

But what will The Great 10 get as a contributor in the society? Well the tittle of the Great 10 of course with a trophy and Php100,000 cash prize. So be sure to nominate before October 15, 2015 to ensure they are included in the judging.



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