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Are you just about to shop for your Christmas presents? You don’t know what to get for your friend, brother sister, parents, relatives or even your boss? We found this store in Venice Grand Canal Mall that has everything interesting to be a gift, most ideally are that almost everything is less than 500 pesos!

Prepare for a long article with photos, but this is worth it! 

1.Assorted Earphones starting at Php99

Perfect for anyone who loves music, price starts at Php99 to Php499 depending on the quality

2. Charging Cables

Cause you can’t have enough of them especially for gadget lovers

3. Educational toys!

Cause your relative or favorite kit will love to be either an engineer, chef or even a builder. We love the wood blocks, it’s perfect even for grown ups

4. Facial, Hair and Grooming accessories 

Everybody loves body care products, here are facial, hair and even skin care products ranging from Php199 to Php999. Plus they even have brushes and travel care organizers to complete your experience.

5. Tumblers and Mugs

Ranging from Php199 to Php399, these mugs have cute and artistic designs that everybody will love. Not to mention that the tumbers are cute in colors as well.

6. Stuff Toys!

Anyone will love a stuff toy, good thing here is that they are big like an A4 size paper, soft and cuddly without the expensive price unlike the magic store.

7. Gadgets!

How about some nifty gadgets for less than 500 pesos? They even have assorted bluetooth speakers for less than 1k! We love the alarm clocks on display as well, unfortunately we weren’t able to take photos.

8. Bath Towels

A good quality bath tower for Php599, now that’s a steal with the design even cool.

9. Oil Scented Flowers

This is so cool, it’s a flower vase with an artifical flower. It sips the oil essense from the container and makes it an air freshener. Only Php299!

Artificial Scented Flower

10. For Dad

Work tools and a complete set of regular tools for only Php499, that’s not bad at all right?

11. For the unique friend

You will always find a friend who will love this rainbow umbrella for only Php299

12. If all else fails

Sometimes we looked far and wide but still not finding that perfect gift…well who wouldn’t love to keep their gadgets clean. So give them a cleaning kit set for only Php99.

The store we found is Mumuso Philippines, they just recently opened here in Venice Grand Canal Mall but they have more branches around the metro. We weren’t able to take photos of all of their products but they also have bags, slippers, socks, perfumes and other household items.

Just in case you are interested here is their facebook page 



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