Beat the heat with friends over Bingsu at Seol Bang Dessert Cafe! | News and Reviews

In a few days, the Government of the Philippines that summer is now official cause of the recent heat. But moving forward, I’m sure you are looking for places to visit and explore to beat the heat. Well, one place nice to do with friends is to enjoy a big bowl of Bingsu!

But what’s Bingsu you may ask? Well, Bingsu is a famous dessert in Korea where finely shaved ice is placed on a brass bowl along with different kinds of sweets. The theme for the bowl are endless as you can put any dessert possible, but for Seol Bang, they introduce a modest range of flavors for you to try out.

But why a brass bowl? Well, it helps maintain the temperature inside the bowl and it’s frosted before assembling the bingsu in the beginning to make it last longer. To make it short, Bingsu is highly recommended to be eaten dine-in with friends to share it over.

Mango cheesecake is their best selling flavor but we also tried other flavors like Salted Caramel, Choco Fudge sundae, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

All of the flavors are smashing and don’t let your eyes get fooled as the topping are also in the center for maximum flavor. Yup, even 1/2 down the bingsu, there are still toppings hidden for you to enjoy.

We love the Bingsu of Seol Bang as its creamy due to its milk based shaved ice. This is a lot flavorful as compared to other bingsu places we have tried. Plus, Seol bang promotes eating Bingsu with a friend cause of its unique properties.

Their bingsu is available in regular size (Up to 3 Pax) and large size (Good for 4-5 Pax), the average cost is Php300 (Regular Size) and 450-500 (Large Size).

Aside from Bingsu, they also have their own version of street food Fishball and Squidball called Peaceballs. Their sauce and vinegar are exactly the right taste you are looking for, that’s without any bias.

So make sure to try them out soon at the 2F of Venice Grand Canal Mall Taguig, they are located near Yoga Express or Yellow Cab. Franchising is also available, just visit the Seol Bang dessert cafe Facebook page to know more

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