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All of us know that we must be a responsible adults. We want to improve our personal and professional life, we think about the ways we could do to get there. But (like most of us) rather than working towards that goals the minute we get home, we post up in front of our computer chairs and watch countless movies and series.

Modern research shows that these “wasted time” can actually be productive. Things like playing video game can have positive outputs on our mentality and personal development. Here’s how:

Play video games to improve your reasoning and problem solving

Whether you are playing 2048 or Grand Theft Auto 5, numerous studies suggests that playing video games can improve your ability to solve problems and improve your reasoning.

Studies found that playing video games not only improves everyone’s problem solving and reasoning but it also strengthens  cognitive skills like spatial navigation and memory.

Even shooter games like Counter-Strike and Battlefield, these games improve your ability to think about materials in three dimension and so just as well as educational courses created to improve this kind of perspective. Those who play these games may be able to process information more quickly and improve our reflexes.

Use your guild raids to learn leadership skills

Playing MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Ragnarok Online, been specifically shown to enchance a unique skill set: your ability to lead.

Being an successful MMORPG player means that you are good in solving problems, you work as a team, and you can plan strategically. Research also shows that those who play these types of games might make better workmates due to their ability to transfer these skills in real life and convert it into office-related situations.

Note Kotaku’s Kate Cox, knowing how to be on time for you guild raid and how to work with other guild members can also help you be on time and work well with your officemates in the real world.



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