We all love going to food fairs, the search to fill our hunger with extraordinary food is our ultimate goal. Plus, we love to try out new and exciting dishes that will fill out our Instagram and social media feeds with food worth drooling for right?


Now on their 6th year, Best Food Forward is a benefit food fair that gives portion of their profit to charity. We’ve been following this event for 3 years now and we have seen the growth and potential of emerging food concessionaires around the metro.


On their press preview of some stalls that will participate this year, we love the diversity and unique concepts shown by different business owners.

We started our day with some crispy mushroom from Pilang’s, these are crunchy and flavor filled mushrooms to set the mood to your taste buds.


Wheelys Coffee? Sounds familiar right?

How about some coffee?

Yes, this is the international coffee chain that uses a Bicycle cart to see & produce coffee, more than a gimmick the business uses only “fair-trade” organic coffee to help out farmers and bring you the freshest cup of coffee possible. Their Thai Coffee was definitely worth sharing, milky and light coffee to brighten up your day. See them in full setup soon at Mercato and Best Food Forward!


Ozawa is a business that fuzes Taco and Sushi as one, their Beef Tenderloin steak was a hit with its juicy beef, rice, seaweed wrap and taco shell.

Beef Salpicao

How about some Raclette Cheese to heat up you day? The cold-cut food combined with cheese might be weird but they also have other choices too.

These crazy flavored chips by Crackle Chips are perfect to start your meal. With flavors like Bicol Crunch, Himalayan Salt and Salted Egg, these are perfect for anytime of the day to enjoy. We love the Bicol Crunch as it reminds you of Bicol express with every bite, don’t worry as they aren’t the spicy ????



Everybody loves a good empanada, but the Mama Empanada is really different. Its recipe is passed on since the 1970’s and currently the owner is the 3rd generation to use it. With its soft, moist filling combined with golden brown yet soft shell is a delight to eat.


For some heavy eating, we have Crab Cakes that are cooked fresh. For crab lovers, the light taste paired with the golden brown texture is like eating hashbrown with crabs. It’s a unique twist to the famous Fish & Chips indeed.




To top everything we’ve tasted, Cheese rolls from Joy was the talk of the day! The owner Ms.Joy explained that every piece of cheese roll is made by hand with the freshest ingredients, paired with the thai coffee from wheely’s makes it the perfect merienda food.




You liked what you see? Join us at Best Food Forward and save the date of October 15-16 at the SMX Aura convention center BGC! Make sure to enter with your tummy empty and you’ll enjoy more this food fair and help out to charity at the same time!

For more information visit this link to if you want to inquire about setting up a booth in the food fair. We will also be visiting the event so prepare to check out our Instagram feed for the best stalls and what they can offer.