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I’ve always been a fan of steakhouses. Places like Everything at Steak and Slice and Dice makes up for a good alternative against the standards of Alfredo’s in Tomas Morato; and Melo’s in QC and Alabang. But one particular steakhouse located in the heart of Manila is Rap Steaks and Cakes or we former Taft students call it Rap’s; tends to give me a hearty-filled stomach everytime I’ll go there for a meal. The place have since been improved; with better lighting and more spacious dining setting. 5; 6 years ago when I was still a student, Rap’s was a bit of a canteen-ish restaurant with quality steaks and cheesecakes that were best for celebrating a good term, late night thesis dinner, or affordable go-to-date place for an anniversary, or a birthday. Although with the ambiance improvement the food we were accustomed to and loved was still the same which, for me brings back memories of my college life.

Moving forward; Rap Steaks and Cakes is located at 879 Dagonoy St. Malate; Manila, walking across DLSU and Sinangang Express (SEX) should be your landmark. The resto is open from 10AM to 11PM which gives you ample time to decide if you should eat lunch or take dinner there. Accessibility wise; it is reachable via your good’ol LRT train, via a jeepney or bus ride that plies through the stretch of Taft Avenue. If you will be bringing your own car; make sure that you go there either before or after lunch, before or after dinner since the place is a well-known establishment for students and you might have a hard time getting a parking slot around the area and even a table for two. Unlike before, the Rap’s is spacious, with warm lighting good-enough comfy wooden chairs and big tables that would not feel cramp with all the food (steak) and gravy that you are about to order and intake.

Rap’s from the outside along Dagonoy Street

How about the food you ask?

Well their menu is as exciting as you throw your diet away for an unhealthy diet. Don’t get me wrong, chewing on that beef fat, and eating all those chicken lollipop’s might catch up on you when you’re in your 50’s, but for now enjoy the oil leaking steak; fat-filled gravy; sugar driven iced tea and of course their sweet cakes. I personally recommend getting that large T-Bone steak at medium with an ice cold iced tea to push it through and wash off the fats while finishing off with a nice sweet double choco cheesecake. This should set you back around 300++; which is a good deal; anyway I’m sure you’ll enjoy the gravy and might be able to finish one jar yourself.

Apart from the improvement in ambiance, service was also improved. Back when I was a student, we usually get shortages of there Star Margarine heavy gravy, and special midnight black Worcestershire sauce; but now they make sure you have ample supply of these Rap’s essentials. Other than that, serving the food (T-Bone steak on my case), are still standard for around 10 to 15 minutes waiting time by then you’ll be starving by just looking and being able to smell the food from your neighboring table.

I ordered the T-Bone Steak (Large) with rice and just water for my drink; which is priced at 225Php for 330g of beef, bone and fat. Drizzled… Poured the special pale gravy and drizzled that special black Worcestershire sauce on my rice and my pepper-salt seasoned steak; SOLVE.

T-Bone Large and that jug of luscious smooth and creamy gravy

The steak is okay; at medium cooking, it is a bit tough. Although the flavor of the beef is evident; I feel that it is what it is for the price, pairing it with a lot of that special UN-Freakin-Limted gravy and a drizzle of that special Worcestershire sauce will complete the whole Rap’s experience. We no longer had time for the sweet stuff so we left. You know your meal was a good one when you’ll have a stick or two after (for smokers).

Go to Rap Steaks and Cakes if you’re in the area. Go to Rap Steaks and Cakes if you want a cheaper alternative to those high-end steak houses. Go to Rap’s if you need a good quick fix for a steak craving. Although it had several expansion branches in Banawe, ABS-CBN and Pasig Home Depot (we are not sure if this still stands), the original here along Taft Avenue is still and might be the only best place to try it out. If you need other recommendation on their menu; we suggest you try their Chicken Lollipop’s or their Pork Liempo which are favorites.



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