Bill Barring Minors in Internet Cafes at Night Filed! – Hungry Geeks

Time to Hit the Bed, Kids! If you’re a Filipino minor and a frequenter of computer shops from late night to early morning, then prepare for a shift in schedule. Valenzuela Representative Sherwin Gatchalian has filed House Bill 4740 in the House of Representatives barring minors from getting into internet cafes from 7PM to 7AM.

Aside from keeping the youth away from harm during the wee hours, the Bill also stands as a deterrent to excessive playing every night, including holidays and cancelled schooldays. Written within the bill is this clause:

“The owner, proprietor, manager or attendant of internet cafes, computer rental shops, and other similar establishments providing computer services shall be strictly prohibited from admitting or allowing minors to be present or use the computer facilities inside their establishments during weekends, holidays, cancelled schooldays and during vacation between the period of 7:00pm to 7:00am.”

The Bill also prohibits minors from entering during school hours and school days.

If you still want to play during those times, you’ll have to bring a guardian with you. Imagine Mama watching you play and type those ever-lovingly texts in DotA 2.

Oh, and if you’re a shop owner, the penalties are tremendous:

1st Offense – Php 50,000 2nd Offense – PhP 100,000

3rd Offense – PhP 150,000 and revocation of business permit.

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