Bite into wonderful with Gourmand Market’s Tints of Autumn

    We all crave to taste something new and fill our taste buds with flavors that will satisfy us. This weekend from October 7-9, 2016, visit the Gourmand Market themed as Tints of Autumn and prepare for awesome dishes worth your tummy and your Instagram account.


    Just in case you are not familiar with The Gourmand Market, they are a quarterly food fair at the heart of BGC. Located in the open space outside the BGC Highstreet Amphitheater or Bonifacio Cinema Square, they are offering high-class and most mouth-watering dishes by nawwTy’s Kitchen.

    Delightfully, Globe Platinum will also be in the area to treat their customers in their lounge. Postpaid subscribers are also invited to use the new rollover feature which it lets you save your unused data for the month and carry it over to the next month.

    So see you at the Gourmand Market, you have until Sunday October 9, 2016 to try out the dishes for yourself and we guarantee you that they are worth it!

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