BlackBerry Mercury for 2017 – Hungry Geeks

BlackBerry is dearly missed but not forgotten. A release is due this 2017 with a new BlackBerry phone that would be bringing back the physical keyboard and is expected to carry an Android OS. Dubbed as the “BlackBerry Mercury” by the internet, the phone’s official name and specifications will be handed out to consumers by MWC 2017.

For now, it is confirmed that the BlackBerry team is joining forces with the TCL team to sell this new phone  to enterprise and government institutions that would require end-to-end security and still like the presence of a physical QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry Mercury will combine the familiar BlackBerry classic phone hardware with the BlackBerry DTEK50 software. What’s coming new is a BlackBerry fingerprint sensor, and based on photos circulating the internet from CES 2017 – the bio metric security feature is tucked into the keyboard’s spacebar. Android’s capacitive soft keys are located on top of the QWERTY keys.

The whole phone might lift a certain nostalgia to loyal BlackBerry aficionados, but the BB Mercury will be running on stock Android and both TCL and BlackBerry wants to keep it that way.



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