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Bloodborne is an interesting but weird game. It involves mysteries and tells of it in a manner that won’t make sense. It berates the player by shoving in incredibly difficult situations with the least amount of explanation possible. But it’s addictive and it’s grand. The design is not to off anybody but to submit willing participants in a gauntlet made for the elite and the tested. The same fact is more visible with their DLC, or should I say expansion, in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. As an addict of seeing “YOU DIED” on the screen over and over, this is something I cannot pass.

Oh, how I missed this screen.

*Note that I assume that the reader is familiar with the game as I would take no time to explain jargons that permeate Bloodborne’s world and lore. I would love to, but it would take us hours.

The Story So Far, Or What We Think Of It

Contrary to other DLCs that present you with a menu for immediate access, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters has none of that. It gives little to no instructions as to how to access the content, prompting me to look over the internet for answers. After getting the ritual materials and getting grabbed by a shadowy monster, I got transported into a familiar area, familiar save from the nasty unearthly roots and the large amount of deranged Hunters.

Maybe too familiar

I won’t elaborate on the tale further but it tackles a curse that affects all hunters due to the faults of their predecessors. The lore of Bloodborne is as deep as it goes but there are holes that the online community can’t help but determine if they’re accidental or intentional. Sadly, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters answers a few questions but brings more into the table.

New Game Mechanics?

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters did nothing significant to change the wheel. It’s still the Bloodborne that we know of but with added toys and a new chapter to explore.

The new armaments are varied and largely expands the very limited ones in the base game. They range from the imposing ones such as the gatling gun, down to the weirder ones like the Amygdalan Arm. There’s also the teased weapon, the Moonlight Greatsword, and a guard that has high resistance against elemental attacks, the Loch Shield. Overall, the new weapons lean more on character builds that previously lacked attention, most of which depend more on the obscure Bloodtinge and Arcane stats.

There’s a level where-in stealth is an option as the enemies react to noise.

If you’re confident on taking on the new challenge, best remember the lesson that Bloodborne has taught months ago: if you don’t know it, be cautious. I suffered my first setback due to rushing in headfirst into the fight, not knowing that the difficulty of the new DLC is steep. The first hunter I encountered smashed me with just two hits, thus showing that if difficulty is your concern, despite having a powerful character, rest assured, you’re in the wrong.

Knowing that difficulty is not that much of an issue but since they somewhat expect an influx of neophytes, the developers made a patch available to all that allows them to summon AI-controlled hunters in specific areas before boss fights. These hunters can be summoned by ringing an Old Hunter Bell, a trinket given in the Hunter’s Dream. Once summoned, they follow your beck and call, doing their best to act as distractions lest you get smashed by the new bosses. These hunters are also available in the vanilla areas of the game.

Wide space, no enemies. Something’s definitely up.

The Boss fights are nothing short of spectacular. The first one is especially noteworthy. It’s like it welcomes you back into its arms, complete with the macabre arena and the goosebump-inducing audio. If you’ve beaten the game and assume that this is another cakewalk, then you’ll get utterly smashed. Equally designed are the four other bosses. They offer a challenge that even uber-powered characters should be cautious.

Should You Get It?

If you somehow stumbled upon this review despite not owning Bloodborne, then my advice is go get it. Good timing since it’s already Christmas and the game is one tick on your list of “WHY I SHOULD GET A PS4”. Both the DLC and the base game are packaged into one so it’s already a great bargain. Trust me, this game is addictive and can net you hundreds of hours to master and learn and it doesn’t hold back in doling out fulfillment.

For veterans, the DLC provides a solution to the lack of weapons and the new adventure and challenges compliments the already great design. Given this, it’s good to see how PVP will play out in the next couple of weeks. My advice is that you don’t try it on a NG+ character.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters shows how a DLC is done. It’s ripe with content and adds to the shelf-life of an already time-consuming game. It may not hold your hand but it is back with rewarding the feeling of satisfaction after every boss fight. One can’t help but punch the air after going through the motions of taking down a large beast, knowing fully well that you’re part of an exclusive enclave with a story to tell.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Review

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Review

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Review

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Review



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