Can VMware VCP6-DCV Certification Exam 2V0-621 Boost Your IT Career?

    In today’s highly competitive global scenario, having something that keeps you on the top lane is greatly beneficial. And whilst knowledge and experience are power, certifications are key tools to keep you on the leader board.

    Certifications aren’t just extras. These are meant to validate your skills in a professional setting. Hence, it’s always an advantage for professionals to have certifications on their application. But how do you start planning for your career path? Continue reading and you’ll get valuable answers from one of VMware’s certifications.

    Is VMware for me?

    One of the many recognized providers of industry-accepted certifications is VMware. Taking you to greater heights, VMware has long been supporting professionals to their fullest potential. They have an amazing range of certifications that cover various IT areas. So, whether you’re a newbie testing the waters or an expert solidifying your skills, there’s a perfect VMware certification waiting for you Click Here to Download.

    For this article, let’s talk about a specific VMware certification – VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization. Also called as VCP6-DCV, this international credential is destined for those who want to stretch out their craft in vSphere and its correlated features.

    How to earn VCP6-DCV?

    But the question is―how can you earn such in-demand IT certification? Don’t worry as we give you a step-by-step guideline in acquiring your VCP6-DCV validation.

    1. Take one of the prerequisite training courses

    Before anything else, VMware requires you to accomplish at least one training course to ensure that you get a proper heads-up of what you’re planning to pursue. Some of the many vSphere courses on offer include Optimize & Scale, Troubleshooting, Fast Track, and Install, Configure, Manage―all in various VMware upgrades like V6, V6.5, and V6.7.

    1. Pass one of its foundation exams

    To pass the second stage, you need to successfully complete one of the vSphere’s foundation exam either 2V0-620 or 2V0-602. Any of them is a must for those candidates that apply for the VCP6-DCV exam, known as 2V0-621.

    1. Complete its corresponding exam

    For you to fully say that you are a VMware certified professional, you must pass 2V0-621 exam. Priced at $250, this 120-minute test has 85 questions formatted into single and multiple choice type. The passing score is 300 out of 500.

    Take note that both foundation exams and 2V0-621 exam will soon be retired on August 30, 2019. So, don’t miss this limited opportunity of getting your VCP6-DCV certification this year.

    Can everyone take this VMware 2V0-621 exam?

    To make your exam journey easier, it’s best that you have at least six months of vSphere work experience, which should include job responsibilities such as installation and configuration of ESXi host. Further, a background in monitoring, administering, and troubleshooting virtual machines gives you a remarkable edge when you prepare for the exam. More than that, having an international IT certification or an equivalent of 2 to 5 years of industry experience is recommended.

    What is the coverage of the exam?

    Divided into 10 sections, VMware 2V0-621 exam makes it easy for you to understand all the topics. One of the subject matters polished in the exam is your skills in configuring and administering vSphere 6 Security, Networking, and Storage. Also part of the coverage is how you successfully administer and manage both resources and virtual machines. Moreover, your abilities in effectively troubleshooting, backing up, and recovering a vSphere Deployment will be put into test. Lastly, your proficiency in vSphere data center and availability solutions is perfected.

    What are the best exam materials?

    To give you a solid start-up, be sure to complete the two provided training courses by VMware. The first training―vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6] ―is a 5-day session that features both lecture and hands-on labs. The second training material, which is the Exam Prep for 2V0-621, is a 180-day reference handled by competent VMware instructors.

    The required training courses are not enough to keep you on track. So, don’t miss the free webcast and practice exams offered by VMware. And if you want to assess your exam readiness, there’s a website that can help you. PrepAway offers you a range of free and premium files to examine your skills. Their exam dumps are constantly updated so you won’t get lost in your preparation journey. Unlike other practice tests, PrepAway’s files are more interactive and fun. Using the ETE exam simulator, it creates a realistic exam-like environment. Thus, if you get bored easily with plain, physical practice exams, then this one is for you!

    Other exam references you can take include the VCP Press, VCP Community, VMware Learning Zone, and VMware Certification Market Place.

    What’s next upon completion of 2V0-621 exam?

    Since the main purpose of 2V0-621 exam is to expand your technical skills in setting up, deploying, scaling, and handling vSphere 6 environments, passing this test means that you are ready to take your career into the next round.

    But more than the skills, it is your career that receives the greatest benefits. With the VMware badge on your profile, you confirm your expertise in vSphere 6 environment to employers. Also, more paybacks await those VMware certified professionals. Aside from the certification logo, they gain easy access to VMware’s exclusive portal and merchandise shop. Plus, they get discounts from VMware events and press.


    So, to answer the question―can VCP6-DCV certification exam 2V0-621 boost your IT career? The answer is definitely a YES! No need to look anywhere because this VMware exam is the perfect way to pump up your IT profession.

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